Milled wood strips for the model shipbuilder and hobbyist including Boxwood, Cherry, Holly, Pau Marfim, Swiss Pear and more...

If you have always used the wood supplied with kits, our stripwood is a great way to experience some of these fantastic woods that are precisely milled.  Just replace your hull or deck planking with one of these woods.  Our most popular woods are boxwood, Swiss pear, and holly. 

Milled Hardwood Strips: 

Holly - Sold Out, no longer accepting orders for Holly

Boxwood,  Swiss Pear, Walnut, Pau Marfim, and Yellowheart are $7.00 per package

Alaskan Yellow Cedar*, Alder, Aspen, Cherry, Mahogany, and Hard Maple are $6.00 per package

Basswood is $5.00 per package

Boxwood - Mixed is $5.00 per package (3 pack minimum of each size on your order)  Normally all wood on your order is cut from the same larger piece of stock to assure consistency of color and appearance.  These strips are cut from the same boxwood as regular orders, but they will not be cut from the same piece so there will be a variation in appearance.  Specify "Mixed Boxwood" on your order.  Great way to become acquainted with this wood or use it where it will be painted or a more natural look on your build. 

All Strips are 23" - 24" long

Use the table below to determine the number of strips per package.

If you require intermediate decimal sizes, just round up to the next fractional inch size for the number of pieces per package.  Please specify the exact size and number of packages on your request.   Stripwood sold only in full packages.  Note:  All stripwood orders are custom milled to order.


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